23 May 2017 (git opendreambox)

enigma2: 4.3.1r7
– allow to downscale with factors up to 225
– eMediaDatabase/DatabasePlaylist: allow to presizing cover arts, use 300×300 as default
– fixed linked and “satpos depend” tuner handling
– fixed motor turning with enabled power measurement (broken since 4.3.1r5)
enigma2-skins: push srcrev to fix build without enabled autorev
enigma2-plugins: push srcrev to fix build without enabled autorev
enigma2: fixed linked / satpos depend tuner handling
enigma2: 4.3.1r6
– fixed DVB-T(2) namespace problem introduced in 4.3.1r5
– fixed satfinder crash on change from predefined to manuel transponder
introduced in 4.3.1r5
– allow to input DVB-S(2) frequencies with one decimal place
needed to lock transponders with very low symbol rates
enigma2: 4.3.1r5
* updated all translations to latest pootle (2017-05-18)
* fixed ATSC DDP (AC3+) detection (IPTV streams)
* Scan/Tuners
– fixed DVB-S2 FEC selection in manual scan
– fixed some issues with DVB-S2 MIS/PLS code/mode handling
– show auto FEC, auto modulation, PLS, MIS settings in satfinder and positioner setup
– dont show DVB-S2 PLS/MIS settings/infos when the tuner does not support it
– fixed tuning on APSK16/32 transponders in some cases
– fixed DVB-T(2) 5V handling for combo tuners
– added “rotor turning speed in degree” option for motor-driven antennas
and use it for blindscan (to avoid foreign sat locks)
– allow the same service on different frequencies for DVB-T(2)
(for regions with multiple transmitters in reach)
– PositionerSetup: fixed crash when no transponder is tuned
* CeC: added very tiny vendor handler for Philips
* Movie Player: added a minimum treshold before we consider resuming playback (configurable)
* fixed broken IPv6 manual configuration
* fixed database based cover arts not showing up in MediaCenter/Audio
* fixed crash in MediaCenter/Video when switching between movies quickly (need some feedback on this)