[PLUGIN] BackupSuite



Git 466-476
– Update backupdmm.sh
– backupsuite.sh: Introduce LS2
– backupdmm.sh: LS1 must be ‘-el’, not ‘-e1’
– Use quotation marks instead of apostrophes
– Delete png **** data for libpng >=1.6.x iCCP chunk warning
– Make VISIONVERSION check faster
– Fix e4hdultra

Git 451-465
– GigaBlue IP 4K support
– IZIBox X3/Eco Twin HD support
– Remove superfluous usage of skin_default in image paths.
– Ferguson Ariva ATV Combo/Twin support
– JamesDonkey HD Duo support
– Protek 4K X1 support
– Spycat Mini V2 support
– Reduce hd60/hd61 code.
– Fix flash/backup hd60,
– Use proper kernel filename (can also be uImage) to get kernel size
– Vivant Dinobot U43 support
– AX Ultra support
– Fix HiSilicon model detection.

Git 442-450
– Zgemma H10 support
– Anadol Pro HD5 support
– AXAS His Twin fix image folder
– Amiko Viper 4K support
– Fix identification for lunix4k,
– Edision OS mio4kplus support

Git 430-441
– AXAS His C 4K support
– AXAS His Twin support
– Don’t chmod executable files anymore, bitbake should do that.
– Travis CI support.
– Open Vision uses MACHINE names so we have vusolo4k instead of solo4k.
– Be more accurate for Open Vision.
– Use getBoxType which is more accurate, reduce code size and be faster.

Git 422-429
– Beyonwiz V2 support
– Gigablue Trio 4K support
– Vu+ Duo 4K kernel detection fixed.
– Vivant Dinobot H265 support
– Octagon SF8008 kernel detection fixed

Git 416-421
– Update no_backup_files regarding “uImage” and “rootfs.ubi”
– Mutant HD61 support
– MaxyTec Multibox support
– Ultra Box V8Plus Combo support
– Octagon SF8008 fix kernel name
– Qviart Lunix2 4K fix action
– Ustym 4K Pro fix kernel name
– Update setup.py (Version fix)
– Vivant Dinobot U55 support
– Use Open Vision name instead of PLi-metas and pli-extras