[APP] Enigma2Utility für MacOS

!!!!! Warning !!!!! This is beta software, use it at your own risk

The tool is provided as is, without warranties or guarantees of any kind”.

It runs on 64bit Mac OSX. It requieres java 1.8 or better. You can also use OpenJDK

This program allows to download your channel lists from your receivers, change the channels order, add new channels and send back the lists to your receiver.

To use it you have to :

1- Edit the preferences to put the settings to contact your receiver

2- use the download from receiver command to download the settings from your receiver

3- use the show user lists command to show the lists available, if you click on a list you can see it’s content

4- use the show main channel list command to show all the channels available on your receiver

5- You can use drag drop to change the order of the channels in the list

6- when ready use the save changes locally to store your change

7- Use the upload changes to receiver to send your changes back to your receiver

This program stores your password to connect to your receiver in the prefs file in clear.

The file is saved in the Local directory path as defined in the preferences.

Remember to delete this file if you think it is needed.

Channel Editor

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