[IMAGE] DMS 9.7 fur DM920UHD 4K


Update Image 9.7 OE2.5 dm900

update dm900/dm920 hardware drivers


Download oscam

Exit the panel

Return and activate the oscam


config oscam Ncam




Default/Skin ZSkin.FHD


Download settings from the menu-Plugin-or the blue button



Date: 2021-02-27 11:45:55.222815

Distro: opendreambox 2.5.0

Drivers: 3.14-1.17-dm900-20200226-r0.0

Enigma2: 4.3.2r14-r0.1

Kernel: kernel-image-3.14-1.17-dm900, kernel-image-zimage, kernel-image-zimage-3.14-1.17-dm900 3.14-r0.1

MD5: 866af60a8e8019ae38b058934a7f0a0b

Machine: Dreambox DM900

SHA256: 11a60e53f2e4c8e448bafe6a89aa723a733b196777a225aefb 3ac356c5a36902

New Skin Default

ZSkin.FHD Thanks mmark


Skin Default ZSkin.FHD Thanks mmark

if you want to change

go in

Menu, Setup, Audio and Video.Skin.. insert the Dreamy