[IPHONE] Vu+ PlayerHD


Want to watch Tv on your iPhone?
Then. Vu+ Player is a must have item, if you own duo2 or solo2 Vu+ set top box models. It is an easy to use streaming client working with Vu+ set top boxes duo2 or solo2.

With Vu+ Player , now you can comfortably watch live Tv or play recordings directly from your Vu+ duo2 or Vu+ solo2 devices.

A. Basis System Requirements

1. duo2 or solo2 Vu+ Set Top Box
2. Any iPhone for supported iOS 8
3. Stable 802.11g/n Wi-Fi connection between both Vu+ Set Top Box and IOS device.
Note:802.11n strongly recommended

B. Main Features

1. Live TV streaming directly from your Vu+ set top box(duo2, solo2)
2. Play recordings directly from your Vu+ set top box(duo2, solo2)(HD channels are supported. )
3. Fast & Easy set-up process
4. Automatic configuration detecting connected Vu+ devices automatically
5. Favorites channels supported
6. Multi-tuners are supported = meaning one channel on your Tv and another different channel on your iOS device at the same time.
7. Landscape view
8. Fresh design
9. Remote control provided
10. Timer provided
11. Zapping mode, No zapping mode provided
12.supported for streaming service on configured port.
13. supported for user authentication.

Neue Funktionen von Version 1.4.2

Support Solo4k when in idle server mode
Support Ultimo4k and Uno4k
Support both live stream and transcoding stream