[PLUGIN] DreamSaver -OE2.5/OE2.6

  • [OE2.5/OE2.6] Plugin DreamSaver

    DreamSaver plugin

    Dre wrote:

    DreamSaver is a plugin for saving the image on an external storage medium. The backup will be created in the background and a message will be displayed once the backup is created. The progress of the backup can be seen in the plugin itself or can be displayed every n minutes/percent if desired. Overlay based on percentage is an approximation. It is also possible to display the progress permanently.

    After installation, the plugin can be found under Menu > Settings > System > DreamSaver.

    The plugin does not offer the following functions:

    Backup to Flash (/data)

    flashing the backup






    Plugin (after starting a backup)


    Progress bar (fade-in)

    The plugin can be installed via our feed and can basically be used in all images based on Dream-OS, provided the necessary dependencies are available (coreutils, tar, pv).

    Developer Project Merlin

    d4niel wrote:

    If you want to install the plugin on a bare DreamOS unstable, you need additional dependencies.

    The best way to do this is as follows…

    pv from the attachment with the plugin into /tmp and install both with

    dpkg -i /tmp/*deb…

    Then install the other missing dependencies with

    apt -f install

    restart the box and it should run.

    armhf = DM9X0

    arm64 = DreamONE/TWO

    With a Merlin you can of course install the whole thing via the addon manager and the dependencies will also be installed.

    File Type: zip pv_1.5.3-r0.0_arm64.deb.zip‎ (30.3 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2195656—y0bh.html

    File Type: zip pv_1.5.3-r0.0_armhf.deb.zip‎ (21.5 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2195657—hy9p.html

    File Type: zip enigma2-plugin-systemplugins-dreamsaver_1.0-r0_all.deb.zip‎ (11.6 KB, https://uploadfile.pl/pokaz/2195658—c85r.html