[SKIN] Tuxbox Neutrino FHD fur OpenATV

@ oneofnine wrote

For nostalgics and for the old Dbox2 times, or on Coolstream

Before that is now installed wildly, here are a few hints:

This is an open beta version. Please make a backup beforehand and then install it. Careful testing can also lead to errors, crashes, etc. You also need to know how to recover your box. It was tested on a Vu + Duo2 and OpenATV 6.4 (of course everything kept up to date)

I also point out that the Neutrino cannot be reproduced 100% as a skin. The top left icon is missing in the windows, as well as the graphical numbers in the list menus and much more. Also, some screens have not yet been skinned, but shouldn’t be too many. Since the skin support is almost not documented, you have to laboriously find out everything, create, test and try not to go nuts right away. So if you have screens that are missing, please include the screen name, if available.

Here are some rules:

– This skin is developed on the OpenATV and there is only support on it.

– If you want to change other screens, you should only do this using skin parts. Please do not change the original files.

– The graphics are all created by me. It is therefore not permitted to use these graphics outside of the Tuxbox Neutrino FHD Skin. Unfortunately, I’ve had bad experiences there. Even if Enigma2 is open source, there is still no reason to use graphics from skins for your own projects without first asking the author.


Known problems:

Infobar – Cryptinfos (ExtremeInfo) expanded, as python-psutil cannot yet be reloaded.

Cable scan – not yet skinned because the screen name is unknown.

Enhanced Movie Player – Icons and text still need to be adjusted.

Extension menu – scroll slider is still missing

Graphical EPG – not yet skinned

Vertical EPG – not yet skinned

Multi EPG – Blue button text still needs to be adjusted.