CCCam 2.3.9

  1. ****************************************************************************
  2. * CCcam 2.3.9 (MIPS) with DE and 1813 support based on original CCcam2.3.2 *
  3. ****************************************************************************
  4. 1) Find binary file in the folder /usr/bin or /bin on your recievier with name for example CCcam2.3.2
  5. 2) Rename new CCcam2.3.9.mips file to CCcam2.3.2 (NEW NAME MUST BE SAME AS EXIST NAME ON YOUR RESEIVER)
  6. 3) Stop emulator on your receiver
  7. 4) Replace exist cccam binary file with new one
  8. 5) Reboot receiver
  9. ****************************************************************************
  10. * CCcam 2.3.9 (ARM) with DE and 1813 support based on original CCcam2.3.2 *
  11. ****************************************************************************
  12. Support of long ECM at any CS-server (Providers: TNT Sat, NTV Plus)
  13. Support of providers: SkyDE (caid 0x09c4), NC+ 4k (caid 0x1884) and Dorcel channels 19E
  14. Support of NC+ provider (caid 0x1813).





CCCAM 2.3.9

DM900UHD, DM920, DM520, DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB)

DreamOSat camManager , Gemini GP4, Gemini GP3 ,OoZooN, satlodge, newnigma2,  Merlin4 OE2.5,

Dream-Elite OE2.5, PowerSat, SatLodge, PeterPan, OpenTS/Ts


CCCAM 2.3.9

für vuplus zero 4k/ solo 4k/ultimo 4k/uno 4k, mutant hd51/52, AX 51/52, Xtrend ET11000/120000, Spycat 4K, Edision 4k, Octagon 4k​, DM900, DM92, Vu+ solo, Uno, Duo, Ultimo, Zero  (IPK)

Dreambox DM500HD, DM7020HD, DM7025HD, DM8000HD,HD800 SE

DreamOSat camManager, Gemini GP3, OoZooN, newnigma2, OpenTS/Ts, Merlin3, Dream-Elite, PowerSat, SatLodge, PeterPan, VTI, Blackhole, teamBlue, NonSoloSat, DDD-Demoni, Domica, LT image, Egami, SatdreamGr, PBnigma-VIX, PURE2, ruDREAM, PKT, ItalySat, HDMU, OpenATV, OpenPLI, OpenNFR, OpenBlackhole, OpenSPA, OpenDroid, OpenVIX, OpenHDF, OpenLD, OpenESI, OpenEight, OpenMips, OpenPlus, Open Vision.