Ncam 10.8 compiled and patched by marouan & RAED

  1. -[dvbapi] Always regard stream_type 0x81 as audio (ac3) without looking for the ac3_descriptor
  2. *This fixes some not ATSC complaint channels reported with no sound.
  3. -HD+ HD05 Card support (tnx pehedima for patch!)
  4. -NDS DES/3DES Overcrypt support
  5. -fix bug for wrong decoded classD3 CMD’s
  6. -improved Sky DE/CH/AT V14/V15 payload log output
  7. -[streamserver] Synced descriptor parsing code with the dvbapi
  8. *This should fix no AC-3 audio on some PowerVu channels.
  9. -[dvbapi] add ecm.info gbox style
  10. -fix ecmfmt g,j parameters
  11. -cak7 – fix caid 0000 and all other known issues
  12. -[gbx] try fix ecm and cw messages
  13. -[gbx] fix ccc->gbox reshare
  14. -[gbx] add caidtab as reshare setting
  15. -[gbx] – more generalized routing info in cw msg

NCAM 10.8

für DM900UHD, DM920, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB)

OOZOON, DREAM ELITE, N.EWNIGMA2, GEMINI, Merlin4, DMS, TSimage, Powersat,nonsolosat

New: DM500, DM800HD,DM800HD,DM7020

NCAM 10.8

für vuplus zero 4k/ solo 4k/ultimo 4k/uno 4k, mutant hd51/52, AX 51/52, Xtrend ET11000/120000, Spycat 4K, Edision 4k, Octagon 4k​, DM900, DM92, Vu+ solo, Uno, Duo, Ultimo, Zero  (IPK)

 Dreambox DM500HD, DM7020,DM7025, DM800HD, DM800HDSE, DM

OpenATV, BlackHole, OpenBH, OpenLD,OpenPLUS, Rudream, OpenPLi, OpenHDF, OpenVix, VTI,OpenSPA, OpenESI,OpenVision, Hyperion PKTEAM, SatDreamGr, OpenDroid, PurE2,EGAMI,OpenNFR,TeamBlue, OpenMIPS…