[IMAGE] EGAMI 8.0.3 für AX-Opticum

[Update] – Update translations
[Update] – Update for EGAMIBoot
[Update] – [dreambox] dreambox-dvb-modules: update hardware drivers for dm900
[Update] – Zgemma update drivers , update tuner firmware
[Update] – Zgemma update drivers h3/5/7 fix dvb-t2 german
[Update] – Update streamserver and StreamingClientsInfo

[New] – Add enigma2 IPTV Clinet Mode
[New] – [NimManager] Add support for KA-SAT (9°E) LNBs
[New] – Possibility of using customized icons from the skin
[New] – Infobar add detection of QtHbbtv
[New] – ALL ZGEMMA serie 7segment enable by skin no more plugin,Fix Lags in IPTV Channel list with EPG
[New] – [Streamserver] add ?duration=xx to the URL so we can force a stream duration (required for Plex DVR API), thanks to Athoik for the help.
[New] – [h7] add bootloader version for multiboot
[New] – Scan: read network id using getTableIdExtension
[New] – Scan: allow filtering network_id from NIT (#926)
[New] – Time & date formats made changeable in Timer / Powertimer Log
[New] – e2reactor: Catch handle some http interruptions