Ncam 9.7 compiled and patched by marouan & RAED

  1. -Rework on dvbapi to incrase the amount of descramblers
  2. -Support for DVB-CISSA scrambling algorithm and 16 byte CWs
  3. Get available descramblers in box and BISS2 related changes
  4. * Instead of using a predefined number of descramblers (16 until now).
  5. ncam now gets the exact number of available descramblers in box.
  6. * Skip cw checks for BISS2, similar to what is done for BISS1. BISS2 uses 16 byte cw.
  7. so some checks need to be skipped.
  8. * Cosmetic changes including code refactoring, variable renaming and comment addition to several places.





NCAM 9.7

für DM900UHD, DM920, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB)


New: DM500, DM800HD,DM800HD,DM7020

NCAM 9.7

für vuplus zero 4k/ solo 4k/ultimo 4k/uno 4k, mutant hd51/52, AX 51/52, Xtrend ET11000/120000, Spycat 4K, Edision 4k, Octagon 4k​, DM900, DM92, Vu+ solo, Uno, Duo, Ultimo, Zero  (IPK)

OpenATV, BlackHole, OpenBH, OpenLD, OpenPLi, OpenHDF, OpenVix, VTI, SatDreamGr, OpenDroid…

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